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Linear Slide Module

Owing to the perfect finish and high performance, our Linear Slide Module are very popular and highly demanded in the market.
If you are willing to buy Linear Slide Module from manufacturers or suppliers in China, Youright Precision will be your best choice. Look forward to your enquiry and further business negotiations !


Youright Precision is one of the leading manufacturers of Linear Slide Module in Lishui of China. It provides products that have high positioning accuracy and repeatability, smooth movement and long service life. Owing to these features, our Linear Slide Modules are very popular and highly demanded in the market. And they will be very good choices for you as well !

Company Advantage 

OEM factory, High quality, Precision processing, Pipelining assembly, 100% QC process, Plentiful stocks, Fast and Safe shipping.

Details Information for Linear Slide Module 

Product Name

Linear Slide Module, Linear Slide Stage, Linear Slide Table


Ball Screw + Linear Guide/Rail/Shaft


Low Cost, Heavy Load Capacity, High Precision, Good Performance


Carbon Steel, Bearing Steel and Aluminum

Surface Treatment

Anodizing, Zinc Plated, Black Oxide, Chrome Plated, Powder Coated, etc


Carton, Box, Bag, Pallet or as per your request


1.Easy lubrication 


3.Self-aligning capability

4.High rigidity,highly accurate

5.Heavy load radial linear guides

6.Smooth runningHigh speed and accuracy

7.Low friction & vibration

8.Low noise and non-pollution

9.Achieve a long life with high speed

Warranty Statement  

The warranty period is 1 year since the goods arrive at your destination port, if any other special requirement, please kindly keep us advised, we will update it in time.

Exhibition and Customers 

Application Industries 

The Linear Slide Module is widely used in Welding Machine, Inkjet Machine, Automatic Feeding Machine, Reciprocating Machine, Engraving Machine, Samping Machines, Bending Machines, Punching Machines, Riveting, Grinding, Laser Cutting Machine, and so on.


1. We have own factory, so production process and cost are strictly controlled;
2. Provide one-year warranty period for most products;
3. Ensure 100% QC inspection;
4. Provide free samples;
5. Treat every email within 24 hours. (Usually much faster) .


1. For any query or doubt, please contact us firstly, we will update with you soon;

2. For any other satisfaction, please also feedback to us, which could improve our service better and better.

If you are interested in a Linear Slide Module manufacturer in China, we will be your best choice. 

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