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What is the details for SBR Aluminum Linear Block ?

Date:2017-09-29 10:36:01 Visit:1518

The SBR Aluminum Linear Block consists of the aluminum housing, outer race, steel ball, ball retainer, retainer ring, iron sheet, etc. The balls can be maintained within the loop by the retainer, which is fixed into the outer race through the retaining ring. In addition, the bearing can be fixed in the aluminum case by the iron sheet. An additional dust shield is also available.

The SBR Aluminum Linear Block is manufactured by using aluminum alloy, bearing steel, and PA66. Available in the major dimension of Φ12-50mm, the product features low noise, low friction, low cost and smooth running. Currently, it can be frequently used in the automatic transmission. It is suitable for all kinds of packaging, woodworking, textile, printing and dyeing machinery, as well as die casting machines, injection molding machines, etc. Due to its high rigidity, it can prolong the service life of the precision machinery.

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